Experience your world with AFS!

Can you imagine travelling to the other side of the world, going to school in another country, living with a new family and learning a new language? Then think about joining AFS - a global volunteer organisation that has arranged student exchanges in Australia since 1959.

The benefits of an AFS exchange are more than just the excitement, fun, adventure. An AFS experience will also develop a lot of the skills that are critical to success in your future studies, career and personal life. An international AFS exchange is a challenge and a unique adventure. It is for teenagers and adults who are after the extraordinary.

With AFS you don't have to be a top student and have the best grades to go overseas. What you will need is a commitment to education and your community as well as energy, drive and a desire to achieve. You must also have a genuine interest in people and the world around you.

AFS has a range of different programs to choose from. No matter if you're a high school student, a recent high school graduate, a university student or educator looking for an authentic overseas experience - AFS has a program to suit you, and with more than 50 countries the opportunities with AFS are almost unlimited.

What program would you like to go on?