Do something different after graduating school!

Embark on an AFS Gap Program after high school and take hold of your future. Gap programs provide an ideal opportunity to explore your world and learn about yourself in the process. Choose from an array of enriching academic or community service programs in a variety of destinations and durations with AFS, a worldwide, nonprofit leader in international high school student exchange for over 65 years. At AFS, exceptional is the rule.

What would you like to do?

Short School & Language Programs

Want to do something different over the Christmas break and improve your languae skills? The short school or language programs are perfect for you!
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Schoolies Short Volunteer Programs

Do something different to celebrate graduating high school! Contribute your time and make a difference to a local community in Thailand of the Philippines.
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GAP Year & Volunteer Abroad Programs

The true GAP experience! Either go abroad for year 13 of school or volunteer in a local community abroad. There's so many options and countries to choose from!
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Why should I go on a GAP Program?

Here's just a few of the top reasons we believe you should go on a GAP program - if you're up for the challenge, then read further to see if it's a thing for you!
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What does A Gap Program involve?

The GAP year is all about the challenge, and doing something different. You only get out what you put in, so find out what a program actually involves!
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What are the Costs and Inclusions?

It's important to know what is and isn't included in the program fee. Here at AFS we pride ourselves on offering the best quality programs at the best prices.
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Gap Year & Volunteer Abroad Programs

AFS offers cutting edge GAP Year & Volunteer Abroad opportunities all over the world.
Worldwide, AFS program participants contribute their talents and energies to a variety of social programs that range from protecting the environment through conservation projects to teaching children or adults, from assisting the elderly and the disabled to defending human rights, from enhancing public health to helping local businesses become established. You could work on an archaeological dig in Egypt. Or you could teach in Asia or help run an orphanage in Europe.

An AFS program is all about adventure. You’ll stay with a family or at your volunteer organisation and live like a local. You won’t be a tourist. It’s the real thing.

AFS - the entire way!

When you go on an AFS program, you are on an AFS run and facilitated program - we don't have contracts with other 'partner organisations' where we have to pay huge amounts of fees to run our programs in that country.

Each of our own AFS offices use the same online systems ensuring instant contact is available when it is really needed. This also means we can provide you with the best priced programs, and the peace of mind knowing that you will be supported by the entire international network of AFS - all 55 destinations! We believe this is the most important and uniqe thing about AFS!