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AFS is committed to providing opportunities for young people to participate in programs regardless of their financial situation. That's why AFS works with a wide variety of corporate and community sponsors to help finance AFS programs through scholarships.

There are full and part scholarships available. With a few exceptions, destinations are not restricted. Scholarships are available to travel overseas with AFS Intercultural Programs on short and long-term programs across 57 countries worldwide. Scholarships are available for all students looking for a life changing experience abroad.

Competition for scholarships varies and recipients are selected on a variety of factors including cultural awareness, community involvement and consistent academic achievement.

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What if I don't receive a scholarship?

AFS offers excellent scholarship opportunities. Hundreds of candidates apply for scholarships each year but unfortunately not everyone can be awarded one. Even though you might not be awarded a scholarship you might still decide to participate on an AFS Program. If you and your family decide that you will continue your participation, contact the AFS Sending Team to discuss your program options.